Update 31 January 2010
Public Voting Closed - Winners Announced!
Voting is closed and the gallery page now displays the results! Take a look!

You can also visit this link for additional information:


Thanks to everyone who participated and helped put the event together! If you supplied your in-game ID when you registered, you will be receiving some Vol coins to your account as a bonus, just for participating!
Update 25 January 2010
Public Voting to end 29 January 2010
Just a quick PSA that public voting will be disabled and results posted on Friday, January 29th!
Update 14 January 2010
Judged Winners Announced! Public Voting Begins!
The judges have rendered a verdict and the winners of the judged portion of the context have been announced!

1st Place: Merry Christmas!! by kakamine, who gets a copy of "Phantasy Star Portable 2" (JP) or "Phantasy Star Zero" (US) and a custom avatar in PSOW!

2nd Place: Brothers in Arms: Autumn of Friendship by Eidolus Dyne, who gets a PSU figurine and an inflatable Rappy armband!

3rd Place: Christmas on Gurhal by Carma, who gets a PSU Figurine.

Note to winners: Make sure to contact Arika for details of collecting your prizes.

More details in the announcement thread on PSOW. Congratulations guys!

With this out of the way, public voting will now begin! Visit the Gallery Page and click on the "Vote" button for the entry you like best! Whoever gets the most votes gets first choice from the prize pool, second most votes gets second choice, etc. until all prizes are claimed. Vote now! (Up to three votes per person, but only once per entry!) In the unlikely event of a tie between two or more entries they will be selected randomly.
Update 05 January 2010
All Submissions are in, Processed
After a small tidal wave of last minute entries have been reviewed and approved, the judges have started (and still are) sorting and grading them all.

It was decided at the last minute to delay the public vote until the judge's decisions were in, least public vote somehow influence them. Sorry for the delay! Stay tuned for the announcement that public voting for the in-game prizes is open.
Update 28 December 2009
Deadline is nigh!
I noticed there are many people who registered but did not submit anything.

If you changed your mind about submitting, that's fine. If you haven't submitted anything because of technical issues (forgotten password, site errors) please let me know and I can fix them for you. (Note: I can not give you your original password, but I can reset it to something else.)

Voting starts in a few days! E-mail (Smidge204@gmail.com) or PM me on the PSOW forums if you need assistance.
Update 14 December 2009
We received interest in the contest but complaints about the timing from both potential entrants and judges. After much consideration, we decided to extend the deadline until after the holidays. The deadline is now January 1st, 2010!
Event Details
Duration: 3 weeks: 28 November to 1 January.
Activity: "Wallpaper" size artwork contest.
Event theme: Seasonal event in Phantasy Star Universe.
Components: Submitted picture must have:
  1. At least one Fictional character : This can be any NPC in any Phantasy Star games
    (From Phantasy Star I to PSP:2) any custom characters (you, your friends, this event
    judges), or any Monsters.
  2. It must have interaction with any Seasonal event (no need specific lobby, you can
    image it yourself too) For example, you may choose Holloween, Christmas, White day,
    Cherry blossom or etc. (in game season or RL season are all fine)
  3. Picture title and comment.
Picture Size: 1024x768 or bigger, (max 1600px)
Max entries: Up to 4 entries allowed per person
Submit method: Register and upload in this website's gallery.

No nudity, vulgarity, or insulting other players.
PC/PS2 Only Prizes
Total Submissions: 32 !
The more submissions are sent-in, the more prizes will be unlocked!
PC/PS2 Prizes will be distributed by our staff.

Event Sponsors

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