Event Details
Duration: 3 weeks: 28 November to 1 January.
Activity: "Wallpaper" size artwork contest.
Event theme: Seasonal event in Phantasy Star Universe.
Components: Submitted picture must have:
  1. 1. At least one Fictional character : This can be any NPC of any Phantasy Star game, meaning from Phantasy Star I to PSP:2. Any custom character (you, your friends, the event judges), or any monster.
  2. It must contain a reference to any of the seasonal events. There is no need for a specific lobby, you can think of anything you like; References from in-game or real life to your chosen seasonal event are both fine.
  3. Picture title and comment.
Picture Size: 1024x768 or bigger, (max 1600px)
Max entries: Up to 4 entries allowed per person
Submit method: Register and upload your picture entries onto this website's gallery.

No nudity, vulgarity, or insulting other players.
Judge Team
  • Arika - representing the Phashion Group.
  • Ryna - representing PSOW's website administration.
  • Edward - representing the GM staff (SEGA).
Score will be based on the total of four categories, which each category receiving a score from 1 to 10 (thus, the highest score for an entry will be 40/40 per judge)
  • Quality - Execution and composition style.
  • Creativity - Uniqueness and originality.
  • Effort - Technical involvement in production.
  • Impression - Overall subjective opinion of the judges (as a separate category to limit possible bias).
There are two ways to get prizes from this event, and it is possible for the same picture to receive a prize from each category!

Physical Prizes
Winners of physical prizes are decided by judge team. Limit one prize per person.
  • 1st prize : "Phantasy Star Portable 2" (JP) or "Phantasy Star Zero" (US) and a custom avatar in PSOW.
  • 2nd prize : PSU figurine and an inflatable Rappy armband.
  • 3rd prize : PSU figurine

In-Game Prizes
Winners of in-game prizes are decided by public vote, with the picture receiving the most votes getting to choose from the revealed prize pool first, the picture with the second most votes picking second, and so on until all prizes are used up. The prize pool will be gradually unlocked as the number of submissions intreases! Thanks to all the generous sponsors that support this event by donating in-game prizes! Public voting will be open on a separate site after the entry period is over.

PC/PS2 Only Prizes
Total Submissions: 32 !
The more submissions are sent-in, the more prizes will be unlocked!
PC/PS2 Prizes will be distributed by our staff.

Casino Reward
Everyone participating in this contest will be eligible to receive 20 Silver Vol coins! Just enter your in-game ID when you register (or later on your user page) so they can be credited to your account.

Lucky draw prize!
Every participant gets entered into a random draw to receive one official PSU poster, autographed by Dragon-Sakai! All participants have equal chance of winning, regardless of number of submitted pictures.
Event FAQ
Q: Am I allowed to use a screenshot as a background, or does the whole picture need to be hand-drawn?

A: You can use screenshots as background as long as it does not represent the main part of the picture. Example:

Credit: Voxxy. Click for full size

Q: Do I need to submit a picture in desktop wallpaper format, or can it be any size?

A: It can be any size as long as the largest dimension (length OR height) doesn't exceed 1600 pixels. However, desktop wallpaper size is prefered; 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratios. Example:

Credit: Yueri. Click for full size

Q: Those examples don't seem to have any connection to a seasonal event, do they?

A: Of course not, since they are not entries of this event! The submitted picture must contain any kind of reference to any seasonal event to be accepted. You don't have to care about the theme too much as long as your picture is season-related, since the referencing has no score of it's own. However, if your picture really fits your chosen seasonal event, you might get extra points in the 'impression' category. Example:

Click for full size

Q: How can I improve my 'impression' score?

A: The impression score is given independent of the other scores based on personal preference from each judge. This gives the judges a way to express personal opinion and keep scores on technical points impartial. Personal perference will only provide 10 out of a possible 40 points.

Since it is purely subjective, I can't say how the judges will score in the impression category. I can only suggest that you try your best to create a good picture, then the judges will surely like it and get a good impression. You could also make it as unique as you think is good or have a funny idea. They might like that!

Q:Seasonal event? Do I need to use a seasonal lobby from Phantasy Star Universe or something? Only PSU has seasonal events but the rules allow any Phantasy Star game to be referenced.

A: "Seasonal event" includes both in-game seasonal events and actual holidays. For example, if your picture could include fireworks as a reference to many actual holidays celebrated with fireworks (Tanabata in Japanese, 4th of July in the USA or the New Year in China). If you want to relate it with wedding cake season in PSU (in game season case), you can just put a cake in your picture like this.

Click for full size

An entry will qualify as long as your picture clearly references some seasonal event. Since there is no scoring based on reference, it is not critical to make it the central theme of the picture... but if you do a really good job on it, it might help improve your 'impression' score!

Send additional questions to Arika on the PSO-World Forum!

Event Sponsors

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