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Welcome to Phantasy Star Fever!
Thank you for coming! I hope everyone who had time to drop by had fun!

Phantasy Star Fever Wrapup
For the breif three and a half (actually four) hours that the event ran, we had:

  • 102 registered players
  • 887 individual minigames played
  • 54 Slot Revival bonuses paid out
  • 896 Vol Points redeemed for prizes
  • LOTS of fun!

    That's an average of 8.8 games per player, and 3.6 games per minute!

    Two lucky players who stayed at the casino until the end of the event won a Hard / HP Restore unit and a 1-Up limited color Formal Dress, respectively. Two other lucky players who stayed until the end won hand-embroidered PSU "element" badges made and graciously donated by biggabertha!

    Thank you all who attended; for making the event a success, and especially while being so patient waiting for a game and various technical difficulties that popped up.

    Thank you to our volunteer staff members, who were legion, both those who were helping before the event and those who volunteered after it started to help handle the minigames. I'd list their names if I knew them all!

    Thank you to our sponsors, who donated lots of valuable stuff for our prize pool.

    Thanks for the GM staff for hanging out to help keep things under control.

    Finally, a big thanks to Arika for the idea and doing the bulk of the coordination. Without him this never would have been possible!

    Hope to see you all again sometime!

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